Sunday, June 29, 2008

Harris Street-Sydney

I really can't imagine that I had been waiting bus alone , for 30 minutes at a bus station along the Harris Street in Sydney. This place looks deserted, hardly can see a car or a single soul passing by.But I am safe!

2008年5月21日,二女去开会,我从下榻的酒店走到Darling Harbour,本来打算搭Sydney explorer-hop on hop off bus。看到红色的巴士就跳上去,竟然上了也是红色的 Sydney Tour City Sightseeing bus. 在市区转了一个多小时,天气很冷,饥肠辘辘,告诉司机我要去唐人街,他就在这个车站把我放下,告诉我待下在此等下一班车 。匆匆走过马路,还要走一条长长的行人天桥。看见一个中国少年,就跟着他走,终于到了唐人街。吃过一顿有米饭的午餐,又在唐人街绕了两圈,沿着原路走回车站。乖乖,现在才发现这附近很荒凉。心中七上八下,硬着头皮,站在寒冷的街头,望穿秋水般等那辆红色的巴士出现。其间,有一两个行人经过。等啊等啊,时间好像停下不前。然后,我还是安全的又坐上了红巴到下一个目的地。晚上向老伴报告当日行程,他在电话那头吓得呱呱叫。我要他别担心,至少,这里没有飙车党抢劫伤人,没有凶狠恶毒的匪徒,掳人抢劫,谋财害命。想到自己国家的治安,真是感慨万千,除了呕气,还是呕气!

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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Black Swan

The Black Swan, Cypnus atratus, is a large waterbird which breeds mainly in the southeast and southeast regions of Australia. The first time I came to know about the Black Swan was from a postcard sent by one of my old classmate from Australia. Recently I came to know that she has translated to another world. This short passage is dedicated to my friend-P.K.

还记得多年前,中学时的P K ,纯纯的样子,带点才气,老师同学都喜欢她。家人也宠她。毕业后,PK 到澳洲升学去。她寄给我的第一张风景片就是黑天鹅的画面,当时我这个土包子才知道世界上有黑天鹅的存在。然后又过了好多年,忽然再遇见PK,她好像有难言之隐。再后来对同学朋友避而不见。我们担心她遇到困难,但不了解她的情况,也没机会见到她。现在PK 以经在另一个世界,以往的一切伤痛都随着她的离去而消逝了。至今,PK 在同学脑海中的印像,还是咪咪眼,纯纯的脸蛋,那个带点才气的女孩。PK,安息吧!
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Korean Ah Ju Ma and her fruits'stall

This happy smiling fat auntie is a roadside fruit seller in Seoul. 胖阿姨 is her logo.

这位韩国Ah Ju Ma-大婶时常挂着笑脸,一见有客人来到,立刻切水果给客人尝试,一点也不吝啬。

客人离开大婶的摊子时 ,两手提满大包小包,胖阿姨和客人都笑得很开心。

那些有[胖阿姨] logo 的干柿子挺好卖,3 万Won 5 包,胖阿姨的笑脸和热情招待誏客人不会计较价钱。

Ah Ju Ma 的水果也很新鲜,种类繁多。 每一个客人来到胖阿姨的水果摊都会高高兴兴的离开,也不


Monday, June 23, 2008

Interesting place in Jeju Island

21/4/2008, we came to this place called Mok Sun Won Park 木石宛。After long hours of night flight to Incheon Airport, then took another one and a half hour domestic flight to Jeju Island. It's late afternoon, everyone looks dead tired. The first place we visited is this木石宛。We went one round to see all the funny shape of huge rocks, stones and wood pieces. No exitment, but when we saw this wood poster written on it -解忧所,our energy seems revived. This place is so interesting, there are very clean toilets on both sides. And 解忧所 in Chinese literally means -a place to get rid of your worries.


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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Pelicans of Sydney

17/5/2008, we came to this place called The Entrance. Everyday at 3.30pm, tourists and the locals will gather in this place to watch the feeding of the Pelicans. The birds are so well behaved, line up patiently for their food. Those in front will automatically move away after they got their fish,and give way for those behind.They are intelligent, peaceful and with a look of elegance. In Chinese the Pelicans are called 鹈鹕.

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