Thursday, June 9, 2011

Radiation check in Japan


Another beautiful day in Japan, I am 135 miles / 220 Km south of Fukushima, on the outskirts of the Tokyo area. It is Tuesday, June 7th, as you can see in the video, I just walk outside of my house and .... radiation. The air is not dangerous but the ground is. The radiation is much higher in low lying areas and the government here is desperately trying to keep it quiet.

I took this tonight about 18:45 June 7th near a small wooded area, (which I have come to call "Little" Red Forest) and yes that is a private community garden and yes they are everywhere in the suburbs/commuting area.


I am on top of my house and sure enough.... radiation. I do a little pan around so you can see more. The group of trees you see around the 2:19 mark is where I took the other video titled, Evening radiation check. This whole area for miles around is just blanketed with radiation. The streets and most of the concrete and side walks are with-in normal radiation levels. Its the soil and vegetation as well as anywhere there is dirt and debris and especially around all drains and gutters and in low lying areas.


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